Company History

2001 PLUSIM spol. s r.o. is founded. Our main activity: moving services
2002 Expansion of business activities to road haulage, purchase of first moving trucks
2002 First large project – moving Slovakia’s central bank from several premises into its new office building on Imrich Karvaš Street in Bratislava
2004 Expansion of business activities to include international road haulage
Expanding abroad, international transport and moving
2006 Building a base and expanding of our organisational structure – sales department and department of design and implementation of contracts are added to the team
2006 Obtained the STN EN ISO 9001 quality management certificate
2007 A huge project – the relocation of 30,000 linear metres of books belonging to the University Library in Bratislava
2008 Acquisition of MORTY TRANS, s.r.o
2008 Production facility moved onto our new premises at Kopčianska Street 92 – FREE ZONE SIPOX
2008 Deployed a new information system
2009 Built a warehouse hall and sanitary facilities for employees in the production facility
2010 Professional storage of items, deployed new warehouse management software
2010 Built a workshop to support the department of special burdens and technologies
2011 Fleet upgrade, with 25 trucks now part of our fleet
2013 Another warehouse hall is constructed, with a total area of about 2,600 sqm
2015 Betty, a special moving truck with a historical design from the 1930’s, is purpose-built for our company
201548 full-time employees, with nearly150subcontractors

Our performance history is marked by ourfair and systematic work ethic, thanks to which we’ve obtained a number of important contracts with both private companies and governmental agencies.“

PLUSIM’s Vision

To make a simple service professional, responsible, and comprehensive

To provideprofessional moving services
We pay attention to our
corporate culture

Our own collection of workwear
Communication skills and conduct training for employees
Our own warehouse, packaging material, packing
We include our company executives into the coordination and implementation of jobs
Ethical price policy, with no price increases after signing the contract
Binding quotes
transparent order process, pleasant contact
Online ordering process also available for private customers
Company headquartered near the town centre, providing good access to customers
Sophisticated organisational structure

Company focused on the future and partnering with corporate clients
Our own branded
 packaging material, boxes, tapes, …
Our own
 vehicles and warehouses

VIP Moving

complete moving and packing services
stress-free moving
give us your old keys and we’ll move you to your new premises

Active moving insurance up to EUR 800,000.”


We offerprofessional moving serviceswithour own technical and human resources
We are acompany with experienceand a solid background
We constantlyimprove our systemsand we’re proud of our organisational structure
Every customer is important to us,and we’re always honest with our clients
We are easy to find, and you’re always welcome to pay us a visit in person
Wesolvecomplicationswithout delay
Your order is dealt with by ateam of people – you don’t have to rely on a phone call with a “driver” you meet for the first time on the street

Some of our competition’s unethical practices

Tardiness, ignoring phone calls
Arrogant behaviour towards the customer
Zero possibility to register complaints
Sole traders without an office who are impossible to find
Damaging transported items
Moving without insurance
The price present isn’t final, and it increases on the job
Misleading the customer
One-man show with only one point of contact